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WASAMARA WEAR is where extasis rests welcome to wasamara’s world, where everything is so intense, there is no room for thoughts.

Wasamara Logo

WASAMARA is a effect of an impact, is that moment between the ecstasy and the rest. WASAMARA is what you feel after a painting full of colors explodes in your eyes. WASAMARA is what you feel after surfing the wave of the day.
WASAMARA is what you feel after running for your life.

Welcome to WASAMARA´S world, where everything is so intense, there is no room for thoughts.


To break free from prejudices and to express oneself with authenticity is the foundation of our philosophy. There is an artist within each and all of us. To bring that artist forth is our aim.


WASAMARA is an artist. He is also a father and a surfer. At the age of 50 he finally escaped the urban life and bid farewell to the machine. His art captivated different designer clothing brands and was used to create part of their collections and WASAMARA discovered a new world of creativity.
  • Stocklist
    GOOD FOR US (Buenos Aires , Argentina)
    Maestro Silva 821, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Stocklist
    NUSA STORE UNGASAN, (Bali Indonesia)
    Jl. Uluwatu km 22 disebelah Warung Made.
    Bjr. Wana Giri.
    Bali Indonesia
  • Stocklist
    GOOD FOR US, (London, UK)
    301 Kingsland road
    London E8 4DS
    United Kingdom
  • Stocklist
    NUSA STORE UBUD, (Bali, Indonesia)
    Jl. Goutama Selatan #25
    Bali Indonesia
  • Stocklist
    PREMIUM WAREHOUSE, (Bali, Indonesia)
    JL. Legian
    Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
  • Stocklist
    INNUENDO (Bali, Indonesia)
    JL. Umalas II,
    North Kuta ,Bali Indonesia.
  • Stocklist
    PREMIUM LABEL, (Bali, Indonesia)
    JL. Raya Seminyak (corner of Jl Raya Seminyak & Jl Camplung Tanduk)
  • Stocklist
    GOOD FOR US ( Lepzig Germany)
    Untere Eichstadtstrasse 20
    04299 Leipzig, Germany